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At Jasper Ridge, Early One November Morning

Philippe steps out of his truck;
I follow and begin to cinch up my boots.
"Look - there by the lake," he whispers to me.
I raise my head to see a charcoal-grey form
bounding onto the bridge
that spans the small, reedy lake.
We freeze as the bobcat runs to the center
and sits down as if that had been its intention
from the start.
Gazing at quacking ducks and bleating grebes,
carefully licking dirty paws and ears,
it calmly glances our way
every once in a while.
After gazing again at the birds,
the bobcat rises
and darts away to the other end,
melting into the underbrush.
Philippe and I grin at each other
and quietly follow the bobcat's path
without saying another word,
hoping to glimpse the grey-tawny form once more.

Spilt Ink logo by Brian Kunde. Used by permission.

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