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On the Road to Santiago and Other Journeys

1. Pan of fields of yellow wheat stubble in the high table land of central Spain, the Meseta, accompanied by the sound of grasshoppers and wind. No clouds mar the expanse of pale blue sky. The white outlines of high mountains are visible through the haze. Three figures with backpacks walk along a dirt path that stretches to the horizon. They are widely separated. They are pilgrims on an ancient pilgrimage route.

2. Medium shot of the three pilgrims. The first figure, JAVI [pronounced "Havi"] GONZÁLES MONZÓN, a Spaniard from Granada, carries a small backpack. He wears a battered straw hat with several feathers sticking out at various angles. The middle figure, GEOFFREY SKINNER, an American from California, carries an enormous pack, the largest pack of any of them. He limps slightly as he walks and occasionally he staggers. The third figure, THIERRY LEGRAND, a Frenchman from Brittany, carries a small backpack and walks with an even and deliberate pace.

3. Medium close up of GEOFFREY. His face is hidden under a full beard, dirt and a floppy blue hat. He grimaces with each step. He reaches a cross along the path and drops the backpack. He kneels down, perhaps to pray, perhaps to examine his boots, which are losing their soles, perhaps to do both. He pulls a water bottle out of the pack, opens it and leans back as he lets water pour into his mouth. While he is drinking, THIERRY catches up to him. GEOFFREY offers his water. THIERRY nods in acknowledgement, but walks on without taking a drink. GEOFFREY shakes his head, puts away the water bottle and stands up. He tries to pick up his pack and fails. He squats down and tries again, this time succeeding. He puts his arms through the shoulder straps and snaps the buckle on the hip belt. THIERRY is already so far ahead that his form is growing indistinct. GEOFFREY, with his huge backpack, staggers back onto the path and tries walking quickly to catch up, but he only manages a few yards before he slows to a plod. JAVI has disappeared from sight.

4. Dissolve to a long shot. GEOFFREY is alone on the path through the wheat stubble. Music up : Gregorian chant. After a few seconds, title appears.





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